The Brotherhood Story

A biology researcher, living with his family trying to leave peacefully. A remote area where everything is almost fine, almost calm. Then everything changed when an illness spread, people with bite wounds started to caught high fever. Then they were turned to something different than their usual self. They attacked other citizens, turning them into one of the attacker.
It was an illness nothing like they have faced before, and when the researcher found an antidote that almost ready, he found that his city had turned into one hell on the planet. He fought their once fellows, with his sons, and he watched with despair as three of his sons fallen, and he burned them to prevent them from being like other creatures.  His oldest son, out of misery for the loss of his brothers, injected himself with the antidote, which burned his face and chest by its side effect. He fought the creatures they called as zombie. He was hurt but he did dot get the fever, for his body temperature was higher than any fever known. He was able to keep his mind, but his body changed into one of the zombies.
Meanwhile the researcher, with the help of his doctor son, found a way to prevent the burning of the flesh. Soon the four brothers tried to fight their way out of the city, along with their father. But out of nowhere a zombie jumped to their car and dragged their father away.
There’s no way to retreat and they were in the middle of the city of the fallen, they had no choice but using the serum. The three brothers injected themselves while the eldest brother fight for their father’s live, but they were too late. When they joined the fight, they found that their father shot himself in the head to prevent himself turned into zombies.
That was the last time for them being human. From that time, they call themselves as Brotherhood.
They fight for each other.
They kill for each other.
For their sake. For brotherhood’s sake.



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This blog was made to put together all the artwork of an artist named Fadlin Ichwan, a designer whose hobby is to customize action figures. By time, he had made a bunch of new characters and named them Zombie Squad. These projecs were put to display in forums such as neokg an Indonesian forum for toy lovers. After a while  he also posted them in onesitxhwarriors forum and deviantart for an 'international debute'. 

After quite a number of appraisals and two of his toys were actually SOLD, our artist finally gained the confidence (which he was lacking when it comes to showing off his work) and he confined the background story for his original characters, ZOMBIE SQUAD, to his girlfriend who was more than interested to slave him to get money from selling the figures. So they created the name ALYMPU and this is the place where they post the action figures along with the background story, character's personality etc etc.

Last thing, please enjoy looking at the figures, and if you're interested, you can buy them, but please appreciate that this is an intellectual property of Fadlin Ichwan and copying it without permission is violation. And please also note that each characters are made only 1 piece, unless we decide to duplicate it in the future. 

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Selena Corps, West Squad
Custom Figure sold out
“Selena Corps. A well known female who had served the army as sniper. Joined in 2017, currently serving as member in Hawk Batallion. An elite with 99% accuracy. Her last mission was to search and eliminate refugees in Western forest. The headqarters lot contact with the batallion abot 3 weeks ago, and rescue/exterminator teams were sent to fetch them, but no one found. She is reliable and strong, so the possibility that this message is true is almost 100% certain.”

General Raimhart was listening to his assistant’s report concerning the Lieutenant Selena Corps, the sender of an urgent message sent the day before. This message was supposedly a secret known onlt to elite army members, but somehow, the first content ‘they can’t die’ were leaked to regular soldiers. Within hours, almost everyone in the headquarters were talking about it. Those who were sent to burn the North Forest and facillity were reliving the nightmare they faced during the task. More than one had seen the creatures there, who looked like dead people, yet moving and attacking each other. The soldiers become nervous, wary about where they were going to be sent and what will they face.The words, “they can’t die” created assumption that there were enemies that could not be killed.

The Western army’s superiors wese debating whether this message is authentic from Selena Corps. More importantly, what will they react to this message. They know they were supposed to send troops to burn the West Forest but it was clear that they are facing numerous zombies; and even if the ones were eliminated, there were no guarantee that they would not appear elsewhere in the planet. Moreover, Selena Corps might become useful in providing information on how to survive, maybe to eliminate the zombies.

Then it was decided. The army contacted Selena Corps and arranged a meeting point within one day after her next reply to evacuate her. Three batallion of army with fire weapons were also sent along with special forces. The plan was simple: evacuate Selena Corps, get information from her about whereas the zombie’s location, extinguish them then return to base safely. She did not answered the first time they tried to contact her. After two days, the reply was short: “Roger”.

The troops were ready. The General himself greeted the departing soldiers, trying to increase their moral, for he understands that they were nervous about fighting the undeads. He felt very lucky to have soldiers who were bot easily panicked; they were trained hard for these critical moments.

Selena Corps, West Squad
Custom Figure sold out
The troops arrived when it was already dark. The special forces consisting 24 soldiers went to the meeting point, for the whole troops were too large to land in the forest. They were supposed to burn the zombie area from above. But there were no signs of her. They had to wait for her to come.

About 2 hours after arriving, when it was past midnight, they heard ruffles and running footsteps. A person was running fast toward the meeting point. The special forces tensed, wondering if it’s Selena or not. The running person spotted one soldier standing silently under a tree nearest to her, showing white fabric tied to both upper arms – a sign to recognise Selena Corps, a request from headquarter- then stopped. She looked dirty, her uniform were torn in some places. They come to her aid and then started to escort her to the landing point.

Selena Corps, West Squad
Custom Figure sold out
But they were not alone. A group of dead soldiers were running fast to their direction. They fought their way out from the forest, only 5 survived, including Selena Corps.

There were no time to mourn. Soon as they reached the helicopters, Selena informed the critical location where Zombies gather. The area was very wide and they had to burn the forest dowm, almost entirely. 

This is the start of a new war.

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Months after the cleanse in north forest, both alliances was busy sweeping their areas, looking for refugees, dead or alive. There were times when they found a village full of rotten bodies, men and women and children. Governments also started to revitalise their lands, but the soil rejected their efforts.

Western alliances had advanced technology, they created machines to make water from air. Although they taste bad, but the areas’ survivors had to rely on it. However, many problems now sighted as many refugees are found, mostly starving and ill. Finally they were mobilised to the greenest part of Western countries; soldiers and researchers and experts in farming were sent to aid.

Western Alliance is still worried about what the Eastern are doing that time. Intelligents and spies were sent, just in case the Eastern decided to attack during their dormant times. However, the intelligents did not report anything more than recovery activities, though Eastern parts were greener and they are experts in natural sciences, which made the process was done in a quicker pace.

Meanwhile Eastern alliance faced different problem. It was true that they advanced in natural technologies, and their soil were recovered quicker than western areas. But they were having difficulties in finding perished refugees and eliminating them, for they mostly hiding in big caves and undergrounds. Their intelligents reported that western alliance had means for tracking and extinguishing dead bodies instantly, Eastern alliance started to argue for the need to cooperate.

Through both agents, communication started. Of course it was full of apprehension at first, for they have been in combat for a long time. After months of silent communication, men of power from both sides finally meet, declaring  peace. Both sides agree to cooperate in forming habitable area for their citizens.

Soon the both sides established plans, ensuring their citizens survived this critical stage. They chose the least nuclear-involved cities and sent their soldiers, researchers and experts there, building a city which was expected to be able to self – sustain. With Western technologies and Eastern’s ability in creating natural wonders, the plan started well. Everyone was hopeful.

Of course, along with peace, both sides started to reveal what they have gathered about the zombie incident. They have not found much, except the fact that the virus was able to create a living dead with berserk behaviour. So, aside from making survival plans, intelligents and special forces were gathered together to fetch the refugees and extinguished them if ever they were found dead. They were not risking for any dead bodies to rise and attack. 

Researchers also given with samples of dead bodies, assuming those had been infected. Their main duty was to find what kind of virus that caused the infections,what it exactly does, how the infection was done and mostly, what can be done to eliminate it. Some informations wre also missing, such as the way to kill a Zombie was to shot it directly on forehead, because the facility and the witnesses were all infected and burned to ashes.  Assuming viruses mostly could not stand against fire, burning it down seem ed to be the most promising solution before a more efficient elimination process was found.

Soldiers were alse sent to search for missing soldiers in some battle areas. There were some reports about missing soldiers and those who had lost contacts within the Western forests. Not much were found because of the difficulty in searching in such a dense area; for no one would survive if he or she had to stay  for more than 5 days. Some superiors also argued that they were probably be dead by now, while others insisted to retrieve them even as dead bodies, for they might have been infected and become Zombies. The army itself believed that their comrades must have been fallen, but they searched nevertheless.

It was during this time, an urgent encrypted message appeared in the screen.  Tracking device showed the source was from the western forest. 

It was very short: 

“They can’t die. Req fire extingusher, 135.7,243.5. 
I am the last one alive. Corps.”



After the year 2000, all energy resources in ZERTH planet has been reduced. Countries started to rely heavily on nuclear power for their everyday lives. However, relying on nuclear power have set some troubles. Supicions arised, since nuclear power may be used for ill deeds. Men of powers started to send intelligents to neighboring countries, spying on them to search for misuse of nuclear powers they owned. At times these agents could not avoid clashes, thus relationship among countries tensed. Finally there were wars, and countries started using weapons surged with energy source they feared the most. Nuclear power.

During hostilities, researcher had tried to convince the superiors to decrease the usage of nuclear power in weapons, for it was dangerous and feared to have side effects yet to known. They were ignored. After years of war, alliances were made among countries, forming Western Alliances and Eastern Alliances. These alliances were created to overcome the effect that had been caused by the wars. Poverty increased because the failure in economic system. Citizens have found themselves shelters by building bunkers; hoping they would be protected from nuclear effects. With no sufficient food, many had died in the shelter from famish and plague. The war had consumed the very thing they were supposed to protect. Human race is dying.

Both alliances were wary in sustaining the lives of their citizens. Aside from tose who protect the boundaries, many soldiers were also sent to fetch the refugees. Not very rare the sight of rotten bodies in bunkers were found.  Meanwhile, things were happening with soldiers camping in the forest in northern part of the planet. This was one of the borderline between West and East alliances, where fighting were heavy and rough. But this time it is not a problem of fighting. Both sides seem to have the same problem. Their soldiers had been suffering from some fever, which they ignored until before long, they were killing each other. Both alliances feared their enemy attacked with biological weapons, but no side admitted this. After a while,surviving soldiers had no options than to cooperate, andkilled their own comrades who's been infected. Samples of dead bodies were sent to each headquarters. Reinforcements were sent to aid surviving soldiers but they found shocking facts. All of the soldiers in the area were already infected and attacking them. They seem to be dead, with gunshots and bite wounds all over their bodies. The reinforcements reported this situation immediately, but after a few minutes, the ontact was lost.

Meanwhile, in headquarters, researchers and doctors examined the body of diseased soldier. They were apalled to see the dead body arised and start biting the researchers and soldiers within the facillity; before it was found lurking in the warehouse and being shot in the head. More shocking than the attacking and biting was the fact that a dead soldier was able to arise and function. This behavior seem to be caused by the disease that infected them. A new type of virus was found. This virus seemed to enhance the swiftness and the physical power of the infected man, but reduced his  consciousness to almost zero. Practically, he is dead, but his infection lead him to berserk behaviour;  he become nothing more than frenzied deadman.  Men of powers in each countries were warned immediately, but afterwards all contacts to the facility seem to have been lost. All agents who visited the facilities never came back. Only one explanation: they all have been infected somehow.  Averyone in the facillity become zombies.

Both alliances realised that they were not supposed to be fighting each other now. However, they kept all information within their sides only; afraid that revealing their true situation will expose them as target for attack. However, both alliances seem to decided the same thing. They sent troops with fire weapons to burn the facility where the bodies were sent, leaving nothing but ashes. The forest where the initial infection was found were also burned down. 

Silently, the war ended.